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Posted on: August 9, 2013

Let me start off by saying…I SUPPORT BREASTFEEDING, IN PUBLIC AND IN PRIVATE, 100%. I need to make this disclaimer starting off because I’m sure some people may disagree with my belief on breastfeeding in public but I want everyone to know that I believe women can and should nurse without any flak from anyone; anytime, anywhere. That being said…I’m going to take a stance on public breastfeeding and give a different perspective about why some people may disagree with public breastfeeding, when done a certain way…including myself.
God knew what he was doing when he decided to create and form Eve from the rib of a man. She was created to be Adam’s companion and the mother of his children. In my opinion, he made a man first because he saved the best, and most complex, for last. 😉 The way a woman is designed is amazing. The reproductive system of a woman, and the way life forms within, is something even science can’t explain completely. They try, but their words fail to accurately and justifiably describe how awesome God made us. The fact that we have the capability to grow, birth, and feed our children in the confines of a single human vessel is beyond my comprehension. God is great, the end.
Our culture has changed so much in the course of time. The way our society views women and their bodies has changed. The way WOMEN view their bodies has changed and I’m glad for some of it because we aren’t stuck in the old days of wearing collars to our ears, skirts to our ankles, and sleeves to our knuckles. There is more freedom in the way we dress, present ourselves, and view ourselves. I totally believe that a woman should embrace the beauty of her body in every way, shape, and form.
**Warning: the next topics may not be suitable for everyone. It’s semi-graphic…read at your own risk**
Have you ever read the book in the bible, “Song of Solomon”? It tends to be a very “sexually” driven book that was primarily written from a man and woman’s, turned husband and wife’s, point of view. He describes the desires he has for his bride emotionally, spiritually, and physically in great detail at times and vise-versa. In Chapters 4, 7, and 8 it talks about how wonderful her breasts are to him. WOMEN: Men love breasts. They are one of the first things MOST men notice about women (if they say they don’t, they lie…just sayin’). I’m going a step further. Why do you think swimsuit calendars jump off shelves? Those women have clothing semi-covering their boobs, so what’s the big deal? Why do you think the porn industry is such an addiction to so many men in general? I think I would be safe to say, boobs play a BIG part in the allure. Why do these 2 pieces of flesh on a woman cause SO much hoopla?!?! Answer: God created woman, not only to be the sustainer of life for a child, but to also be a physically pleasing, enjoyable companion for her husband. The desire for a woman’s body comes naturally to a man because that is the way God intended it. However, some have perverted that desire and made it into something it was never intended to be. Something that was meant for a husband and wife to share, privately, behind closed doors has become an object of downfall for some men. It can feed an addicts’ appetite and cause lust to creep up. It can cause an all-out war to start on the battlefield of the mind. Just a glimpse of a piece of a woman’s breast can cause a man to stumble, immediately. This brings me to my next topic.
I said all of the above to get to my next point: Modesty. I’m going to be frank…VERY frank. I don’t know about any other women out there, but I personally don’t want my husband to view another woman’s breast. ..Not even for a fraction of a second. I honestly don’t want to see another woman’s breast either. Feeding a child from your bosom is a beautiful, innocent, and miraculous gift that you are able to give but, to me, it is a private moment that should be shared between you and your child…not you, your child, and everyone within eye shot of you. I’m not saying go to the bathroom and hide in a stall…gross. You can do it anywhere because they have these convenient creations now that cover your breasts from exposure to the public! I know, I know…I’ve read all the articles, literally 1-3 a day. I’ve seen all the arguments. I get bombarded with email after email every day and no one seems to get the big picture. It’s not a question of “How would you like it if your head was covered up while you were eating?” It’s a question of “How would you like it if your husband stumbled spiritually because that beautiful woman sitting on the bench in the mall just popped her bare breast out to feed her child and gave everyone a peep show because she didn’t take the time or have the courtesy to cover up beforehand?” Those aren’t images that men can just push out of their heads! I’ve heard women say, “If they want to look, let them look…it’s my right!” But, before you say that, please take into consideration the man that is recovering from a strong lustful addiction sitting next to his wife just 3 feet from you or that pre-pubescent teenage boy across the aisle that just received his very first naked mental picture. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be viewed this way but unfortunately, with our VERY sexually driven culture, it very well can be. My note is not a matter of a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. My note is simply coming from a modest woman that wishes other women would see the flip side of the coin. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I plan to breastfeed in public, in private, and whenever/wherever I need to breastfeed…with my “udder cover”. I don’t want other people to see my breasts. They are private and personal and I think they should be kept “under wraps” in public and I can guarantee my husband feels the same way.
In closing, I nursed my first child for a few weeks before giving up altogether. I was young and just too busy to understand the importance so I’m glad to say that I’m doing things differently this time around and I’m striving for longevity. I commend the women who breastfeed and stick with it. It’s hard, time consuming, and, for a full-time employee like myself, very inconvenient. I know I have a hard road ahead of lugging my pump around every day, pumping at work several times a day, storing milk at work, and bringing it home just to feed my baby. But it’s one of the most beneficial, rewarding things I’ll ever do for me and my baby and I’m going to try with all I have to keep it up this time. I urge you, if you ever have the opportunity to nurse your baby, please highly consider it because it’s the best start in life that you will ever be able to give your child…just please take a second to hide the hooter 😉


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I’m glad you support breastfeeding and thank you for sharing Scripture. It’s always nice to hear different perspectives when it comes to hot topics like breastfeeding in public.

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