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The Voice say WHAT?

Posted on: July 3, 2012

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Dude…I’ve been going several weeks between blogs. Maybe I should pick up the pace a little! It’s hard for me to remember things that happen to me so I’m glad I’ve kept up with some of it. My memory isn’t always the greatest.
Almost 2 years to the date since I started this blog! I can’t believe it’s been that long since A.I!
I’m blogging about my trip to Memphis in 3 days! Three of my friends and I will be traveling together so that I can try out for “The Voice”. I just happened to run across an email that said they would be in Memphis so I made a quick decision to run up there for the day. Well…my friend Kerri said she would like to go with me which then convinced both my sister-in-laws to go too! So, we are now going up there for the night and hanging out together for some MUCH needed girl time!
I’ve been doing some thinking about this trip and the reason behind it. I was reading through all of my old blogs today and I stopped on the “American Idol” blogs to recap my experience there (because like I said, my memory isn’t great). I would have forgotten 1/2 the stuff that happened had I not blogged about it! My husband keeps asking me “What are you going to do if you make it?”. My answer is, “We’ll cross that bridge IF we get to it”. I have decided to hold NO expectations for this audition. I’m going in knowing I will walk out and probably go straight home. I’m not getting my hopes up in the least bit. I’m simply doing this for the fun and the experience. Making assumptions of what may happen ties my tummy in knots. I don’t like that feeling so I’m just gonna go up in front of a couple of people and sing like I do every week…what’s the difference?!? In fact, I’m singing gospel. Not sure what song yet but I know it will be God-centered. I can’t get away from my roots no matter how hard I try. I will try to blog about my experience if I remember. 😉 life is looking up and even if this doesn’t work out God is still God and He is still in control!

Until later,
Amber 🙂


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