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Posted on: July 15, 2010

That’s one of my favorite sayings (just ask my hubby). I can’t believe today is already here! I will be leaving for Nashville in a little over 6 hours. Jason isn’t actually going with me. He has to stay and work. I asked my sister-in-law Brittany to go and she gladly obliged. The last trip her and I went on was about 6 or 7 years ago to Louisville, KY and that was a blast! Even though she’s 6 years younger than me, we’ve always had a good time together. She’s one of my favorite people 😉 And THANKFULLY, Brittany/Jason’s cousin Laura is letting us stay with her in Nashville. It’s good to know people sometimes…especially when you can get out of spending money for a hotel for 3 nights! If you’re reading this…THANKS LAURA! I know it’s probably an inconvenience since your dad and his company are coming too. I didn’t know…Sorry 😦

So I’m also on a diet (I’ve lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks). I was on a diet/excercise program a couple of months ago but I quit and gained all my weight back. I’m really trying to stick to it this time! This is just NOT going to be very fun while traveling. I mean, seriously, how much healthy food can you really get at a fast food restaurant? A few things, yes…but it’s practically the same every place you go. I went grocery shopping last night and picked up some low-calorie/healthy snacks so I’m praying that holds me over for the weekend.

I told Kobey (my 3-year-old son) that I was leaving and going to sing in a place called Nashville for the weekend. He got extremely sad and said he didn’t want me to leave him. Let me tell ya…it took everything I had to start packing last night after his little eyes stared at me and his trembling voice said those words. But…it’s just for a few days (I tell myself). It’s good for a break from the “norm” sometimes. Unfortunately, my work schedule doesn’t always allow me to see much of him so the weekends are usually reserved for Kobey and Jason. We are just so busy.

Well…this is getting to be long but I will blog again soon. Maybe after I get in Nashville tonight. Registration is today and tomorrow so we need to get there asap. The earlier the better in fact! The auditions are Saturday and we have to be at the arena no later than 5 AM. I’m SO not an early bird and I definitely don’t catch worms so we’ll see how that goes.


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Good Luck girl. Sing me a good one for my bday!!

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